Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Screening of the play "LIMBO" chez Grace

Bits of a play on film chez Grace on Tuesday 3/11

Filmed extracts from the play "Limbo" directed by Manish Gandhi​ - poetic, eye-opening, and devastating, this work was produced in India to much acclaim. I'm really proud to be able to bring a taste of it to Paris!

A little bit about the play:

"The play is set in the early 90s in a hostel in Delhi, at one of the most prominent schools in the capital. It is
the pre-internet age, and it is a world of assembly-line education and ruthless cheer-leading, in which rosetinted
notions of India are slowly crumbling. The story follows five youngsters who negotiate the labyrinthine
universe they are thrown into to discover some measure of who their true selves are.."

More from Manish:
What is the secret of the play?
Even though life involves the shedding of many skins, the memory of being ‘struck while still hot’ is the most precious, and holds the secret to what we become. The secret of the play is the interplay of emotions felt for the first time—love, hate, anger, catharsis, death, cynicism. Everything is a first-time emotion. The embracing of your own wants and desires, the sense of your own desirability, the beauty of life, is what the play is about.

Who made this play?
Manish Gandhi is a theatre actor/ creator who graduated from LAMDA, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art. Manish specialises in cross cultural drama and has produced, directed and acted in many critically acclaimed theatre productions internationally. He can be contacted at