Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anvers Aux Abbesses Artists' Open House

Everyone has a Montmartre story. What artist didn't live here at some time? And how many living artists does this historic village of the 18th arrondissement house per square kilometer? This weekend we get to scratch the surface when seventy (!) artists' studios will be open to the public during the annual open house called "Portes Ouvertes d'Anvers Aux Abbesses."

I have the program, whose online version even features images of the artists' work and it's always fun to see people I know on the list. This year I recognize three names and I hope to be able to visit them early. Joëlle Courtois, Marie-Françoise Henry and Manuela Luchtmeijer have all come to chez Grace but have not exhibited here. This is my chance to see them in their natural habitat!

Also this weekend will be the vernissage, or opening, of two young French artists here at chez Grace. Estelle Chatté's sculptures and Claire Glise's works on paper will be on view here for two weeks. Their common theme: maternity. I am thrilled to have them show here - they found me through the April Télérama article and popped a note into my mailbox!

Claire's delicate torn paper collages of the pregnant form are a gentle counterpoint to Estelle's frankly disturbing bellies in relief. The image shown above is the email invitation we've sent out. The artist gets to name the show and I expected something about motherhood a little flowery and French. Instead they kept it short and to the point with perhaps no little irony. They named the show "IN.OUT."

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