Monday, November 10, 2008

Fair weather friend

It's cold, rainy and windy here in Paris this morning, so I decided not to go to Alan Smith's studio in Montreuil after all. He invited me over to show me his new work, luminous, colorful paintings on a small scale that he dared not show here at chez Grace because they are rather pricey. I will beg his indulgence, and re-schedule.

Last night to the Ile Saint Louis for a cocktail at Adah Rose Bitterbaum's. She is the director of Studio Gallery in Washington DC. met her in Washington in March. Briony Evans of Honfleur Gallery had an errand that brought us to her, and then we went on to Art-o-Matic. Adah Rose told me her daughter would be studying music in Paris and that she would be coming too. Being on the Ile Saint Louis brings me back to my early days in Paris and that shot of romance that comes with walking up the uneven steps of an 18th century building!

Being that I am in the process of expanding my horizons (I am going to artparis in Abu Dhabi in one week) and also hoping to put a toe in the water, or rather the ether, of the internet, I asked about twenty denizens of chez Grace to write recommendations for my Linkedin listing. I was touched, I was moved, I was grateful! And there are some darn good writers in the bunch too! You know who you are: thank you.

And now to begin the preparations for the vernissage Saturday. Estelle Chatté and Claire Glise will come tomorrow and hang the show. The theme is pregnancy and childbirth, subjects dear to my heart, and rarely treated in art around here (please correct me if I'm wrong). They found me after the Télérama article in April and popped a hand-written note into my mailbox introducing themselves. They work together as teachers in a kindergarten, and discovered that they did art on the side, and with the same idea! I thought that they would choose a title that reflects the poetry of the French language. Instead they're calling the show "In.Out" and since I'm all for artistic license and carte blanche, that's what it'll be. I am going to change the fuse in the salon so we'll have enough light. And make ice.

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