Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The future: "Photography" chez Grace

Renee Woodward and Andrea Hope will be coming to Paris from Washington, D.C., to show their photographs of the female form here in a show called "Photography," opening Saturday, February 21. The Honfleur Gallery has kindly lent them to me, and gallery owner Duane Gautier will be present, as well as the artists themselves. Back in Washington, curators Amy Cavanaugh and Briony Evans will hold the fort.

Honfleur had faith enough to ask me to organize my first show "Americans in Paris" which opened in Washington's Anacostia district in October 2007. Works on view were of American artists-who-now-live-in-Paris Linda McCluskey, Barbara Navarro (installation), Trish Nickell, Robert Ogle (photos), Matthew Rose (collage). The pieces absolutely shone in the pristine space that is Honfleur. The work got good reviews and led to Barbara's showing at Conservation International since her installation sculptures are a plea for saving rainforests.

For more images of Renee's and Andrea's work see


al said...

i'm going to an opening here in nyc at the alliance francaise on march 3rd..

'an americans visits the city of light'

al h

Who is Mary Blake? said...

I'm happy to se you blogging.
Very nice. said...

felicitations for your new blog!

i love people who really love art. this is so important!


Jack Dickerson jack (at) said...

Love your blog--as always. Jack D

Jack Dickerson jack (at) said...

I love our blog.. as always!! Wish you could be at my opening to night... we may very well be in Paris in October... of course we'd liek o MOVE to France. Jack D