Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do you want to know a secret (Paris)?

Yesterday's New York Times article that includes chez Grace as part of a secret Paris:

Thanks to Seth Sherwood for damn good reporting - except for Aline and Olivier, all other secret places were unknown to me!

Thanks, too, to Owen Franken for his luminous, luscious photographs and for bringing a sense of fun to the assignment.

My phone numbers have changed. Please note that the landline is now +33 1 42 52 85 06 and the cellphone +33 6 61 81 76 74. But please email me at with your comments about the article. And also any secrets you might want to tell...


yourfoodchoices said...

A very delightful write-up indeed! We'll be in Paris mid-April (our very first time) and after reading the NY Times piece, we're even more inspired to seek out the people and places that inspire those of you who call Paris home. Perhaps our paths will cross?

Steve & Jason

susan said...

Hi Grace,

Bob and I saw the article, loved it! We've done one show at our apartment already and have another scheduled in 2 weeks. We were also written up favorably in the local paper the first time and have an interview tonight for another article. And to think. . . you were our inspiration! Well give our love to Robert Ogle if you see him around. You can write us at:

Hope you and your family are having a wonderful spring. If we're in Paris again, we'll stop in and on the other side, if you're in Minneapolis or St. Paul we'd love to see you.

Bob and Susan Brown