Saturday, March 6, 2010

Operation: Pictures for the Times

A Labyrinthine Path

Christian Gorget's paintings - twenty-four of them, and three tiny ones, one of which was sold to a dear friend and neighbor of mine - have been on show here for a month and a half. It is work done over the past thirteen years and is a unified, compact work in oil that illustrates Christian's own evolution, and I am beginning to see, my own.

I have described the work as "luscious," and it is. But it is also complicated, difficult, and I have admitted in private, tortured. Christian named the show "Labyrinthes Psychedéliques," and more and more I see that visual imagery and connection to the psyche that is his work. It has grown on me. It has taken all this time to accept the elements in his canvasses that I am skittish about admitting in myself: the way that things do not always proceed in a straight line, and how the mind has a way of amusing us, but also fooling us. Me. The way that eroticism is a part of life and informs every decision we make. Mine. I.

The title of the painting shown is "Le Sens de la Vie." In French that has a double meaning, both The Direction of Life and The Meaning of Life. The whole show brings together meaning in all its senses: what it is to be a man or a woman and even why choose one? How do we get meaning? Do we look to astrology and esoterism? Mythology? How can we be mature, stay young, find our way through life's twists and turns?

(to be continued)

"Le Sens de la Vie," 2007, 16 inches x 16 inches, oil on canvas, price on request.

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Christian Gorget said...

Merci Grace !
Cette exposition fonctionne comme un creuset (a crucible !) et je ressens exactement ce travail : Condensation des psychocarbures !
Cela vaudra une conférence...
Sur les coïncidences, la synchronicité, les futurs humains et leur passé.
Très bon article !