Sunday, October 31, 2010


My Favorite Blogger

Carol Gillott was in Paris again, attending the Salon du Chocolat, discovering new bakeries, and photographing whatever struck her fancy. It's usually something colorful or sweet, but usually both.

ParisBreakfasts is the name of her blog which is an ongoing love letter to Paris and its delights: the pastry, Parisians' inimitable style, the serendipity and surprises of an American still starry-eyed about this city after all these years. Her wide-eyed wonder and whimsical take on things never fails to delight me. She is positively zany, humble about the French she occasionally fractures, and is one of the few bloggers who answers you back personally, immediately when you leave a comment! (I hope I am not spoiling a good thing. Carol has five thousand devoted fans, and counting!)

I was able to lure her to Montmartre this time. We met at the bus stop near the Moulin Rouge, and I suppressed a giggle because she speaks the way she writes: stream-of-consciousness, parenthetically, self-deprecatingly. She's so funny. She handed me a jar of a special super-duper chocolate spread that she'd nabbed at the Salon. (Thanks, Carol!)  She took pics of a candy stand near metro Blanche, fruit from a primeur, fruit tarts at Les Petits Mitrons, cupcakes at Berko, and the crowd in the Amélie Poulain café, Café de Deux Moulins. Her mascot Bear sat on the table quietly watching her eat her salad. I was not surprised at her bracelet: a chunky ceramic affair with cookies and candies, and her t-shirt was a hommage to multi-colored macaroons.

We climbed the three flights up to my apartment which looks pretty snazzy when the sun is shining in and I beamed too because we both agreed: Carol's Paris watercolors would look great in a show here! (to be continued!)

Pictured: my laptop's keyboard, including the letters "C" and "G" for Carol's initials. I had wanted to include the drawings on the postcard-invitations she gave me for her show at Alliance Française in Philadelphia on November 5th (see blog for details) but my photos of them just do not do them justice!


ParisBreakfasts said...

Most kind dearest Grace!!
And thank you for the pic of the %$#@ French keyboard - I shall be memorizing it in my sleep.

Peter said...

I got this message from CG:

... "You would like ex-pat Grace of Montmartre-she has a galerie private -I was telling her about you."... This is how I found you!

I live close to Montmartre so maybe one day you could show me your gallery? ... and if youy are interested, here i my blog:

Sab said...

Hi Grace,
I'm often in your neck of the woods, doing my Montmartre photo tour, and I didn't know you were on that road. I like your concept of allowing lesser-known artists to show their stuff. I'm a lesser-known artist, by the way!! :-D

You don't seem to have any events coming up on your Meet Up page, though. Have you got anything planned?