Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grey Matter and Juxtapositions

Photographer Photographed

The photography exhibit was planned about a year ago when Sophie Molins mentioned to her friend Paul Stewart that she would like to have her photos on view in Paris during the fabled Mois de la Photo, that is, November. And thus the art agent called me and made a date to show me some of her work.

Sophie came from London last week with her little gems and what transpired on my walls is a collection of the mundane and the quirky, and juxtapositions of the romantic and provocative.

The night after opening night, Sophie explained that when she lived in Spain, she realized that she missed grey skies. And so one wall is of photos all in grey tones. "Birds on a Wire" pale grey with a line of silouetted birds recalls a solitary line of music.

The show which will be on view here until January 2013, is called "It Really Doesn't Matter," and takes its name from a photo of a lintel over which is written in script "It really does not matter."

Please email me for an appointment. 

Photo: Olivier Poivre who remarks 'All she wears is her Leica.'

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