Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Energy and honesty II

Positive Identification

Scissors, a hammer, a level, a razor (or "cutter" in French), a packet of tobacco bought in Portugal, an orchid that was a gift from my friend the Chinese radio journalist, carrot cake and a pot of tea: the still life from this past Saturday when the paintings from the new show went up.

Julien Isoré did his work quietly while in the kitchen I looked at email and Facebook.

His show called "NEW PAINTING" debuts this weekend. But it will only be here this weekend, and "exceptionnellement," as say the French, it will be in the afternoons, rather than at night. Tea will be served.

Please contact me at grace.teshima@gmail.com if you would like more information.

Six paintings in oil by Julien IsorĂ© that have to be seen in person because photographs don't do them justice. 

Orchid: Phalaenopsis from Okidland,  www.okidland.com
Scissors: Fiskars
Tea: "Detox" by Kusmi
Teapot: Royal Copenhagen
Plastic plate and serving tray: Rice of Denmark
Carrot cake: from "Good Old-fashioned Cakes" by Susan Kosoff, St. Martin's Press New York, 1989

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