Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dark Shadows

Profound depth

The artist would receive me Wednesday afternoons in his ground floor chambre de bonne, a little studio about twelve square meters, not far away on the rue des Trois Frères. He liked Bach and he would have music playing from his i-Pod. He would just show me his work, old and new, tell me about his life, his studies, his family. A serious man, he rarely smiled.

I would leave his studio always feeling uplifted, and like I'd come to certain realizations about art and the process, but not sure that I could hold on to them. So I would go back for more.

Xavier Auffret's show "Verticale" opens in a week and he and his wife-counsellor, have chosen works on paper that all have that same vertical format and an austere thoughtfulness that takes time to appreciate. Since the work takes time and space, please contact me for a private view. I am not inviting a lot of people to the vernissage because I do not want a crush.

There will be a Meetup, on the other hand, which is more the merrier, with a cocktail and meeting the artist.

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