Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paris, Abu Dhabi and the Catherinettes

Turn on the air conditioning and close the shutters so that hardly any light comes in, and you will have a simulation of what it’s like in Paris now – cold, dark, and oh yes, I forgot: damp. I got back to Montmartre from Abu Dhabi and here the Christmas decorations were up and the weather had turned mean.

I still love being here, but somehow, I left my heart in the UAE.

My apartment is plenty warm and I have a lamp that mimics the sun (it’s called a full-spectrum light and I got it at Kyria on boulevard St. Michel a few years ago. It really works.)

Last night to Tine, a little Lebanese restaurant two blocks away. We had the mezze assortment but it just reminded me of Abu Dhabi again - the little place near my hotel where we ate outside just lat week! But last night, just because it’s Montmartre, and there are crazy celebrations at the drop of a hat, there was a brass band playing old favorites and people throwing confetti.

Tomorrow afternoon at the place de Tertre near Sacre Coeur will be the annual parade and contest for the best hat. The “Catherinettes,” or girls who work as seamstresses, are 25 years old but not married, get to strut their stuff in the name of millinery and the patron saint of their profession.

Tine (cuisine libanaise) 10, rue Garreau, Paris 18,
Open evenings from 7 :15 – 23.30 pm, brunch and lunch on weekends starting at 12 noon. Closed Mondays.

Maroosh (Corniche branch) behind the Chamber of Commerce, Abu Dhabi. Tel. (971)6214424

"Les Catherinettes" tomorrow 30/11 at 1 p.m. for the fashion show of hats in back of Sacre Coeur at the church of St. Pierre. Finishes with a ball at 6 p.m.

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Susan said...

Welcome back to your Blog Grace. I am sitting at my desk looking out over Lake Tahoe and you came to my mind. "with any luck" I told myself, "Grace is back and will have a good story for us".