Sunday, December 28, 2008

chez Grace - FAQ

A new year is fast approaching and I find that I have shows scheduled up until the summer. Today I will answer some frequently asked questions about chez Grace.

How does it work?
Once a month an artist hangs his (or her) work in my living room in Montmartre, Paris, France, and invites friends, family, and collectors to the opening, or "vernissage."
Who comes?
By invitation only. I started a "chez Grace" group on Facebook of the faithful attendees.
Do people buy?
Yes and no. My goal for 2009 is finding homes for more art that I show.
How did it start?
In April of 2005 I hosted a cocktail for the Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO) and asked Ron Bowen, a painter friend, if he would loan some of his canvasses for the show. He said yes and since his painting transformed my apartment, I got the idea to always live with art by showing it.
How do you choose the artists?
I say that "They fall out of the sky," but truthfully, they find me. Word has gotten around that I have a safe place to show new work. Also, there was an article by Olivier Granoux (whom I met through bassist Jeff Hallam) in the French magazine called Télérama last April, and I am still getting email from that.
Who is on the roster for 2009?
Currently showing is Nassim al Amin, who is a neighbor, and in February two photographers from Honfleur Gallery in Washington, D.C. March will be Lalena Vann, April a group show curated by Anthony Yannone (whose show was here this past year) May will be Kanda, who works in ink, and June is scheduled to be Louisa Dusinberre.

Louisa photographed me (above) for the portrait she will paint and then show later in June.


Lee said...

grace, you have a busy schedule for 2009!

devesh said...

Hey Grace

I had a look at your blog. This looks great to me. I want to read more about it. When are you writing more? I think you should. Please let me know I am interested in your work and writing. I hope you are having a good time in Dubai.
Let me know how it goes.
Good luck!

Susan said...

Write more soon!