Thursday, May 7, 2009

Every story tells a picture...Part II

Not only has Laleña painted for thirty years or so, but she has also danced and performed what she calls "ethnic world" dance like tribal and Middle Eastern. She says "It was definitely a passion. I was always painting but dance was such a big part of my life."

Her visual art came to the fore. In September 2003 Laleña moved to France for a year to paint. "I gave myself permission to paint what I wanted because I didn't have to sell paintings to live. I started writing on the canvas. At first I thought it would be just background, but the writing took over the whole canvas, and I liked it. Other people did too."

How does it feel to be an ex-pat? "Learning the language is a bit of a challenge. I enjoy learning it, and it's more fun than doing crossword puzzles! The more I learn it, the more I like it."

(The painting pictured is titled "Après le Blues [Beyond the Blues]" is oil on canvas, measures 80 x 80 cm and was completed in 2004. Price on request.)

Laleña's show here runs from May 16-30. See more of her work on her website


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! esp. the title! thanks grace, bises, lalena

Parisbreakfast said...

LOVE her paintings!
I would love to "write" on anything over and over...
But with color?
that is genius!

al said...

Blue is the New pink!.. Cheers. Alex

Susan said...

Would love to see these up close and personal. Grace you are "the Best".
Keep blogging!