Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Grid

I met Maryanne Pollock in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC where she lives. Even though I'd invited several friends to the opening of the "Americans in Paris" show at Honfleur Gallery, it was Maryanne who had the temerity to venture"east of the river" into Anacostia. She rode her bike.

A day or so later, she made lunch for me in her spacious, airy apartment and we sat in her dining room and among her big paintings. She told me of her life for six years in Cairo and the influence it had on her work. I could hardly keep my mind on the pasta with clams. If I couldn't have her paintings, I knew that I wanted to show them!

So the show "Human Grid," until Thursday chez Grace, is yet again a dream come to fruition. Maryanne came to Paris with two suitcases full of her small works on canvas, and framed works on paper, hung them here, and then flew to Rome then to Ischia where she spent a week painting with her beloved teacher.

She herself teaches at the Corcoran Gallery, finds nourishment and inspiration in teaching, and has spent some time this visit in Parc Monceau giving an informal children's class to the young daughter of a friend.

The painting shown at right is "Double Helix Meltdown," acrylic on canvas, and 51 cm. x 51 cm. Price on request.

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the paris apartment said...

Hi Grace,
I just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I'm sorry we haven't been able to meet up in Paris, seems like every time I'm there every second is filled with meetings and work. I may be back in the fall and would love to catch up. Hope all is well,