Sunday, July 12, 2009

He likes to play with Light

Vedettes de Pont Neuf
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How I met Paul Grayson

It's a small world and a long life, and I met Paul Grayson through the Anglophone community in Paris, delighted to hear his Scottish burr and charmed by his gentle manner and good sense. He is a banker. The expression in French for avocation is "violin d'Ingres," because apparently the French painter Ingres played the violin in his spare time.

Well, this banker is also a photographer. When I first saw his photos I held the lot of them in my hands and stared open-mouthed first at them then at Paul. It was the kind of delightful "eureka" experience that does not happen very often.

Fifteen years later his work has only gotten better and better and more astonishing and I have the privilege of showing a small number of his work at the Quatorze Juillet show this Tuesday. Paul's website employs the Greek word for "full of light, bright light, composed of light".

It's all about the light.

Pictured: "Vedettes de Pont Neuf" limited edition colour gloss photograph, 40 cm. x 50 cm., 2008. Price on request.

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