Friday, July 17, 2009

"Quatorze Juillet" + 4

Dandelion Fountain
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The vernissage Tuesday showed work of three artists: Geneviève Flament, Paul Grayson, and Walkind Rodriguez. We were celebrating the 220th anniversary of modern France, a day that commemorates the bloody revolution, and also liberation of the French people.

Eighty or so people came to celebrate and enjoy the art although one had to squint to really see these connections. (Artist and neighbor Troy asked diplomatically, "Is there...a theme??" Nevertheless, all the artists were besieged with questions, comments and feedback and put paid to the idea that everyone was away for the weekend!

Pictured: Dandelion Fountain by Paul Grayson, one of the evening's favorites. Price on request.

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Grace, I love your writing... and your blog is gorgeous. Can you try to get the widget up that allows us to click by topic or category, instead of needing to search the bottom for "older posts"? It took me so long to figure out how to turn the page... and this is fascinating stuff. You deserve some categories!