Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Southerner in Paris II

Going for Broke

Gee, I've never had an artist who started his own movement before, but here I find myself being the mid-wife of a movement, the artist Richie Fine's art philosophy. And so I publish it in toto, without comment but ask you to please comment.

And join us!


Born of the Mind of the American Artist Richie Fine
In the Spring of 2009 in Chicago, Il.
Premiere Exhibition in August of 2009 in Paris, France

Ridiculism- A new Art Movement that focuses upon the absurd nature of life within
the Contemporary Global Society that has been created through
Economic and Social Imperialism implemented by Western Culture.

The Chief Principals of Ridiculism


2. The rejection of conceptual art that is devoid of craftsmanly technique. If an artist
has an idea and does not have the technical expertise to execute that idea, it is his or her responsibility to learn said technique.

3. To approach Life and Art through the lens of humor. For through true laughter,we can unlock the door to our global interconnectivity, and perhaps offer insight to very serious issues.

4. Ridiculism sets out to Ridicule the overwhelmingly serious tone that dominates contemporary art at this moment in the progression of Western Art History. Also, there is a need for the resurgence of critical thought, and Art is now the only weapon remaining in the arsenal of the revolutionary. We must Ridicule the social systems that enslave us before all knowledge of another way of life is lost, and Corporate ideology overtakes the minds and souls of humanity.

5. In an age when Billions struggle for basic subsistence; is it not RIDICULOUS that artists dead and alive merit millions of dollars for rectangles of wood, covered in fabric and lathered with viscous pigment...or worse yet SKULLS COVERED IN PLATINUM AND DIAMONDS...For the love of God! DOWN WITH CAPITALISTIC ART THAT IS PRODUCED SOLEY FOR THE MARKETS! DOWN WITH HIRST! DOWN WITH KOONS! Capitalistic art is mere decoration, and it's influences are diluting the power of art and the aesthetic sensibilities of the populous.

6. Art should be accessible to all people, regardless of their economic status. To use Art as a means of reinforcing one's place on the ladder of wealth is to reinforce ancient monarchical mentality. This mindset has no place in a modern and equal society.

7. Ridiculism is ever changing. As each artist takes up the call to arms of Ridiculism, he or she should add their own sensibilities and knowledge to the collective concepts. This is the way of liberty , and therefore it is the only way to pursue true freedom before it is only a memory in the minds of those already gone.



Susan said...

"You might argue that the history of contemporary art is a series of avant-garde movements, each new wave outraging the last." Michael Scott. (American contemporary artist.)

grace said...

Well, I must say I have nothing at all against Damien or Jeff and was a little shocked that he named names...!!!

jack [at] dickerson.com said...

But why call it Ridiculism? I suspect that Richie's use of this particular word, because of its attention getting and marketing power, makes him fall into the capitalist trap he is so against. Having said that, I generally agree with most everything he says. The US, esp, used to be a country about and for individuals. It has rapidly become a country about corporations. Individuals matter less and less and corporations matter more and more. It is sad. Life is not, and should not be all about the money. Jack Dickerson, American Artist