Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dead Monsters and Bleeding Objects - I

Thomas Suire's show which opened here Saturday is divided into two parts: "Le Safari Imaginaire," mythical, whimsical animals, their heads mounted like trophies, which have all been wiped out thanks to man, and "L'art Eco-vert" sculptures made from found objects recycled into art.

The poster child for the show, (pictured right) the piece called "My New Wife Loves Football" hints at a sinister, Stepford wife-like reality, and in fact, Thomas's comment about the piece confirms "Une légère operation, sans aucune danger, qui peut sauver bien les couples." That is, "A minor operation, completely safe, that saves marriages."

If only marital bliss were that simple.

Each of the fifteen pieces in this part of the show display an imagination that is at once dark, unfettered, wild, ironic and deeply, deeply humorous. The artist is an actor and musician whose gentle, self-effacing mien belies the fact that inside resides a monster talent. He resorts to pieces like this when only three dimensions will do. He plays the cello and the theramin and has an entourage around him of artists and musicians. Yesterday his album with Adeline Loiseau - together they form the group "Mismerizer" - debuted in stores around town, and when he works solo, he creates under the name "Infecticide."

The photographer Laetitia Laguzet took the photo above. Another friend, Jacques de Candé added gramophone music for the vernissage, and it is thanks to artist Jimmy Vep (who lives in California and wasn't able to make the opening night) that we met.

Some of the pieces will go to the town of Lille to be part of a show of monsters. http://vimeo.com/7068343

Here chez Grace til October 31st. Prices on request.

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Anonymous said...

It seems as though you are doing another ridiculist show... I love the work and I hope you sell it all! Im not sure if that is a new picture of you, but you must know it's completely ravishing!
Richie Fine